Dog of the Day: Bandit


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Name: Bandit aka Bam-Bam

Age: One year 

Home: Orient, NY and Brooklyn, NY

Humans: Imogen Rose-Smith, Pierre Paulden

Likes: Bam-ing. Early morning Bam-ing. Food. Chasing things. Special time with Bam-Bam. Eating dog beds. 

Please explain Bam-ing. Bam-ing means bounding around and jump at or on things. Especially humans. It’s a philosophy and a way of life. 

Dislikes: Hats. Personal space. Sharing toys. Vet.

Tell us a Joke: Q: Knock-Knock. A: Who’s there? Q: Bam. A: Bam who? Q: Bam-Bam!

A Cause You’d Like People to Know About: June is my birthday month, it’s also Pride Month. My humans say we should support the LBGTQ community by giving back. The Trevor Project does lifesaving work supporting LBGTQ youth. 

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