By The Numbers: Google’s Diversity Accounting


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By Imogen Rose-Smith

In April Google published its 2020 diversity report. Since 2014 the search company has been tracking and publishing its statistics around the hiring, retention and employment of women and minorities within its ranks. 

The Mountain View-based firm, whose parent company is Alphabet, has put significant investment and effort in recent years into improving the racial, ethnic and gender mix of its company. Like other Silicon Valley firms it has been under intense scrutiny and criticism for not doing enough to encourage and empower workers who are not white, heterosexual men. 

Change, however, happens slowly. And despite the efforts Google, like other large tech companies, still has a long way to go. We broke down the search engines diversity numbers for the past six years. 

Today, 51.7 percent of Google’s workforce is white, down from 64.5 in 2014. Women make up 32 percent of the global Google work force, compared to 30.6 percent in 2014. Black + employees account for 2.4 percent of Google employees, and Latinx + make up 4.5 percent of the workforce. 

Within leadership and tech, the numbers are even more stark. Among Google’s leadership 65.9 percent are white, down from 73.2 percent in 2014. Men make up 73.1 percent of leadership roles, compared to 26.9 percent for women, a 23  percent increase over 2014. Black + employees account for 2.6 percent of leadership roles at Google and Latinx + 3.7 percent. 

Among Google’s tech workers, Asia + employees have gone from 35.1 percent of the work force to 47.6 percent, almost on a par with white + workers who make up 48.1 percent of tech employees. But Asia + employees account for only 29.6 percent of leadership roles, up from 24.2 percent in 2020. Asian + women now account for 14.2 percent of Google’s work force, up from 10 percent in 2014. They make up 14.2 percent of tech workers, and 8.5 percent of leadership rolls. 

For more info, check out our info graphic: