On this ‘Minisode’ of The Sound Of Success, Moby answers Nic’s “21 Questions” about life and music. His favorite musician is David Bowie, Jane Goodall is his female hero. If he had a superpower it would be to teleport himself anywhere in the universe.


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Moby’s early days in the music world found him playing in underground punk bands before moving to New York City and turning to electronic and dance music, finding success as a DJ and remixer throughout the first part of the 90’s. He’s considered to be one of the most important dance music figures of that decade. His career exploded in 1999 with the LP ‘Play’ which became the most licensed collection of songs ever released as an album. Subsequent releases include ’18’, ‘Hotel’, and ‘Last Night’. More recently he has been recording ambient music, his latest album, ‘Reprise’ was released in May 2021. Moby is also the author of four books, including a collection of his photography and two memoirs: ‘Porcelain’: A Memoir’ (2016) and ‘Then It Fell Apart’ (2019).

Moby is also an activist, known for his veganism and support for animal rights and humanitarian aid.

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