Music Exec Priya Dewan: From Tiffany fan to Rollerblading Goth


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Priya Dewan made a name for herself as a label manager for the esteemed UK label Warp Records during the early aughts, working with bands like Grizzly Bear, Beach House, and Flying Lotus. Raised in Singapore, Dewan has returned to Asia where she is now a VP of South Korea & Southeast Asia at music distribution company the Orchard, and founder and CEO of Gig Life Pro, which helps the music industry community navigate the APAC festival circuit and wider music industry. Here, Dewan talks to Nic about a childhood spent singing along to ’80s sensation Tiffany, buying her first album under the table in a Singapore skate shop (where it was banned), seeing Pearl Jam despite the attempts of the police to shut the show down, and what she’s listening to and loving now.