Laurence B. Siegel: Breaking Down ‘Fewer, Richer, Greener’ for a Brighter, Optimistic View of the Future.


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Laurence B. Siegel is the Gary P. Brinson director of research at the CFA Institute Research Foundation, senior advisor to OCP Capital LLC, and an independent consultant, writer, and speaker specializing in investment management.

Laurence is a respected thought leader at the intersection of finance and economics and is the author of ‘Fewer, Richard, Greener’ which at one point was the No. 1 economics book on Amazon.

On this episode of Outside In, Laurence and Jon break down ‘Fewer, Richer, Greener’ to understand why he is optimistic about the future. They also discuss how finance has evolved during his lifetime and the role of capital markets in the energy transition.

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