Julie Bell Lindsay, CEO of the Center for Audit Quality: What the Accounting and Auditing Profession Gets Right, What It Gets Wrong and How It Will Stay Relevant for the Future.


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Julie Bell Lindsay is CEO of the Center for Audit Quality, a nonprofit public policy organization representing U.S. public company auditors.

Previously, Julie served as Managing Director and the Deputy Head of Global Regulatory Affairs at Citigroup, where she worked to formulate and execute regulatory policy strategy. Lindsay also managed Citigroup’s $20 billion TARP repayment and $58 billion exchange offers in 2009. Julie previously counseled on Sarbanes-Oxley and other public company disclosure requirements at the SEC and in private practice. She holds degrees from The Ohio State University and Vanderbilt School of Law.

On this episode of Outside In, Julie talks with Jon about what the accounting and auditing profession gets right, what it gets wrong, making it relevant for the future and attractive to the next generation. They discuss fraud and the CAQs public mission.

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