Charlie Ruffel, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Kudu: Trust, The Future of Finance and Fly Fishing.


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Charlie Ruffle, co-founder and Executive Chairman of Kudo, a private equity firm that is changing the economics of the investing business by taking long term, passive minority stakes in successful, often boutique investment management firms. Kudu now has stakes in 23 businesses with assets under management, depending on the day, of about $60 billion. Before that, Charlie spent decades studying and reporting on the asset management and wealth management business as co-founder and CEO of Asset International. He successfully sold the media company in 2010.

He’s an incredibly astute observer. Perhaps it’s his training as a journalist, or maybe it’s his passion for fly fishing where he observes trends, context, conditions, and subtle changes in water and air in some of the more remote corners of the world.

In this episode of Outside In, Charlie talks with Jon about the importance of trust, the future of finance and his passion for fly fishing.

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