Bruno del Ama, co-founder Global X, on FinTech Investing, Spiritual Technology, Synchronicity and Flow.


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Bruno is a finance and technology entrepreneur, leader and innovator. He co-founded Global X in 2008. Recognized as one of the most innovative and fastest growing firms in the exchange traded fund sector, Global X grew to over $10 billion in assets under management under his stewardship as CEO & Chairman, with close to a million clients globally. Mirae Asset Global Investments bought Global X in 2018.

Bruno was an investor and board member at 55ip, a wealth and asset management fintech company sold to J.P. Morgan in December 2020. He is Chairman of Certa, the leading no-code platform for vendor onboarding and is an Advisor & Capital Partner to The TIFIN Group, a fintech company shaping the future of investor experiences, and a board member at Trioteca, leading the digital mortgage transformation in Spain.

On this episode of Outside In, Bruno talks with Jon about FinTech investing, the importance of being client centric and his spiritual journey.

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